Beta Club

You are invited to join our one-off Beta Club, allowing you to shape the future of our new Dashboard, control panel and Hartserver itself.

We have been hosting websites since 2004, starting off as a reseller and moving into our own infrastructure. We have offered many third-party hosting control panels during our time (including cPanel currently), but we don't feel these provide the best end-to-end experience possible, and so it is time to build something completely new from scratch...

We are only opening up 1,000 spaces and once these have been filled we won't be taking on any other beta program members. We will also restrict the number of standard customers after this point also, meaning you'll be a part of the most exclusive hosting club around.

For a one-off fee of just £50 you will receive the following:

Ideally we're looking for the following people to join the Beta Club:

We've already made a start on our new Dashboard and control panel, but now need some feedback on what to focus on next, as well as any new features you think we should add.

You have questions. We have answers.

Why do you need my money? We're setting a target of £50,000 which will allow us to focus on rapid development of the next phase of Hartserver, whilst also maintaining support of our existing customer base and accounts. The faster we reach this target the faster we anticipate we'll have a fully working and finished product that is ready to go.

I'm already a Hartserver customer, can I join Beta Club? Yes! We'd love for our existing customers to be part of Beta Club, and some of our customers have been with us for the long haul, so it would only be right that they have a say in the next phase of Hartserver as well. We'll instantly upgrade any existing web hosting account of your choice to our new platform also with 100GB disk space, or you can just choose to have an entirely new free account. The choice is yours.

What happens after one year of being part of the Beta Club? After one year you can either keep, downgrade or cancel your free 100GB web hosting account as it will become a paid product at that point. However, we aim to keep these web hosting accounts heavily discounted for Beta Club members. You can of course cancel your 100GB web hosting account entirely after one year and remain in the Beta Club (on Discord for example), so long as your one-off £50 Beta Club joining fee isn't cancelled.

Can I leave Beta Club and get a refund? Yes, you are free to cancel your Beta Club access at any point within one year, and we'll partially refund for any time left, but you'll lose all current and future perks if you decide to do this. We will also allow a full refund from Beta Club within 14 days of signing up. After that we will only offer a pro-rated refund.

If you have any specific questions about Beta Club not answered here please feel free to ask us - simply email us at and we'll be happy to provide you with more information.

By joining the Beta Club you accept that there may be some unplanned disruption to sites using web hosting accounts on the platform, although we aim to keep this to a minimum, and perform the most disruprive work involving downtime at off-peak times. Our Downtime Discount won't be available for free web hosting accounts in the first year of the Beta Club, but will be after the free period.

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